Twitter embedded posts to aid storytelling.

Twitter have introduced embeddable posts so that blogs and news organisations can include status updates, videos and photos in stories.

Twitter embedded posts.

The first part of my example isn’t really story telling as such; for this purpose I thought I would try out it’s potential with two posts and see how it works.

The first one includes a link towards the Banburyshire Info Facebook page, that is itself a shared link from the original source Barry Whitehouse: Art Tutor & Artist Facebook page. I have since found out Facebook have also introduced this feature too. I have added a couple near the bottom of the page to aid the story I have created further down.

Click the links you’ll see they all go back to the source. Oh, and you can follow too if you use the social networks Twitter and Facebook.


This second one includes a image with no other links from Books and Ink Bookshop based in my home town of Banbury. You really should check the shop out if you have a love of books.


What i find really cool is that twitter members can also comment, favorite and re-tweet the post directly from the embed.  What do you think, will embedded story posts work?


How to Embed Twitter Links.

Once you have decided what story to tell from your twitter feed,  this image shows you the first stage of what to do.

Simply click on where it say’s more and a drop box will appear as you can see. Click Embed Tweet.

How to embed a titter post

This is the actual tweet and the start of a story of what turned out to become a HUGELY successful Banbury Food Fayre. You can really take your story telling to a higher level if you so desired. For this purpose I’m only giving you the briefest insight of what happened.

You may have noticed I do like to cross pollinate links on social sites for digital marketing purposes. The one in the tweet goes to the Banburyshire Info Google+ Page where I originally shared the link.


Once you have clicked the link the page will open with some code at the top. Like this one has.

Copy embedded tweet code


Copy and place the code into the text body of your website and publish. It’s that simple.


To continue the story you can add the unfolding comments like this


Add some more…


And this…


There’s more…


And More…


As you can see it’s an interesting way to tell a story; in this case of what a wonderful success the 2013 Banbury Food Fayre turned out to be.


The sharing of images is HUGELY popular on the social networks.


And you can add to the story from Facebook too. I’ll blog about the how in the next couple of days after I have researched a decent story.

Lexie Munday with all her rosettes.


Mr Neil Webber asking who’s going to the Banbury Food Fayre.


And to finish….



There you have it. Story telling from the sources telling the story. Or another way to put it; story telling has just become a whole lot more authentic.

To add; Twitter has also now launched a new feature that will show related headlines links towards the story behind the tweet. Pretty darn useful addition in my humble opinion that shows how powerful embedding a tweet can become.


Thanks for popping by.


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