Facebook is a digital Isle of Man

For starters Facebook is the most gripping and worthwhile of the social networking platforms out there. Think about it, where else can you go to gain the same unlimited intellectual inspiration as watching other peoples washing go through the wash, drain, rinse, and spin cycles – then hung out to dry? Just like an island.

So, is Facebook really a digital island where people live?


Stop laughing at the back – I kid you not when I go on to suggest Facebook serves as a great place to live; similar to living on an island – let us say the Isle of Man to help with the visualisation – (there are other islands out there) where we can spend time with friends and families to mock, cheer, persecute and love each other behind a screen.

Hang on do not stop reading yet, I have not mentioned the cosy home from home groups feature on Facebook. Most serve no useful purpose other than to view the latest spam advertising messages that businesses have posted. How dull. However other groups have gone on to become truly enriching, rewarding go to communities. A bit like the local pub but drinking at home.

Talking about these home from home groups features – have you been added to any groups without prior knowledge or desire by a Facebook friend? I have lost count of the amount who thoughtfully added me. Oh the joy of being part of the caring community eh!

There is more. Sure Facebook may not have the greatest features or superb usability again similar to an island that may not have the best restaurants in the world, the best live entertainment venues, or litter free high street; maybe Facebook isn’t the best place in the world to publish a blog or say something useful (in your own mind).

However if you grew up on the Isle of Man, it doesn’t matter what it is; it is where your people are, it’s what you’re familiar with, and it seems, that’s why you love Facebook.

So, does it turn out that Facebook is a great digital destination or a place to “live”?

Feel free to use the comment box. It works both ways.

Still reading? As for the business pages who struggle for relevance in the news feed why is that?


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