The Easy Win Testimonial Backlink Trick (SEO)

This shockingly easy way to improve your SEO with a simple backlink and testimonial.

Posted by Ian Gentles

The testimonial I gave Joy & David McCarthy for building and copywriting this website


Have you ever noticed how many businesses you have done business with who never asked you for a testimonial?

And did you realise it’s YOUR business that’s missing the trick? As you reel on the back foot with that question grab your breath, and allow me to explain.

As any business, you’ll require the services of other businesses. Sometimes frequently! These services cost you your hard earned money. Is it not time to add some extra juicy SEO value to those unavoidable expenses?

The power of testimonial backlinks.

This simple but VERY effective SEO trick gains you some lovely juicy high PR backlinks pointing directly to your site, and it’s using the power of testimonials.

We all know that every business love testimonials; they add HUGE benefits for their marketing and building credibility.  What offers even more trustworthiness for business to business customers is a link back to the business page of the happy customer who wrote the testimonial as a way to provide evidence, thus enabling them to contact you to verify your dealings with said company.

I guess by now you can see where I am taking this?

This is what happens;

  • Gain some extra SEO (search engine optimisation) juice for being a satisfied customer.
  • A testimonial with a backlink is something that the service providing business would also benefit from.
  • Fabulous touchpoint opportunity at it very easiest.
  • Helps with digital and search marketing.

This is HOW you can start to enjoy the extra juicy SEO benefits.

Every time you are happy (or even just suitable satisfied) with the service you have required, do not hesitate to make contact and let them know just how delighted you are, and how much you would love to give them a testimonial to display on their website. With your backlink.

The business is highly likely to be flattered and of course will see the marketing value of your testimonial. So much so, they will often not only accept your welcomed offer, but are also likely to proudly display it on their nice high PR homepage! Oh, and they could also share their page with your testimonial and website backlink across their social media streams too! It is a common practice.

If the business is related to your business (and most are in some way) then even better!

Think about how many services or products your business has to buy on a regular basis and how many linking opportunities you could have already missed out on just by sending a thank you email with the attached link!

Do not forget to mention the backlink towards you website; that it gives the service provider EXTRA credibility.

I urge you to try it yourself. Oh, let me know how you get on in the comments box below. I love a happy story. And YES, there are benefits for commenting.

Thanks for reading


4 Responses to The Easy Win Testimonial Backlink Trick (SEO)

  1. Howard Smith says:

    That’s an excellent idea. Will definitely try this. Starting now. Thank you.

  2. Dan Toombs says:

    Hi Ian

    Thanks so much for reaching out and having me on your show last week. I was great talking to you and Tim.

    I’ve been reading your blog and there are some excellent ideas. This post has been a big help.

    Hope to talk again soon.


    • Ian Gentles says:

      Our pleasure Dan.

      You were a wonderful guest – full of enthusiasm for life and business insight. We enjoyed that.

      It looks like your podcast could be popular too – it’s gaining momentum like a Hawaiian wave.

      You also inspired Tim to share your blog on Facebook

      Thanks for passing by on the blog.

      Best foot forward for all to set out to do.


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