Use live radio brand broadcasting to convert into customers.

Have you tried out radio brand broadcasting yet? If not then you’re missing a marketing trick.

Businesses are beginning to realise the influence they can wield by fusing marketing and brand journalism with live radio broadcasts. Often termed as Brand Broadcasting.


Brand broadcasting works on so many different levels.

The Knowing Your Business project I’m involved in is live radio broadcasting about facts and balance. It’s about telling an engaging story, and the goal is to educate rather than the push advertising model that has been broken for years. This way, listeners are informed, and they become engaged with YOUR business, its mission, its values, its vulnerabilities, and its passion.

It isn’t about story-boarding or scripting, it is about asking questions, getting answers, and weaving content together to produce an interesting and useful story that we podcast so we, you, and others can share it.

It’s a way to showcase YOUR brand without pumping out a one dimensional marketing message or advert that ends up in the digital waste bin or one woven with straw.

  • It’s authentic.
  • It’s real.
  • It’s sharable.
  • It encourages conversations.
  • It enhances your credibility.
  • It demonstrates your knowledge and expertise to prospective customers.
  • It also stays on the Knowing Your Business website for a minimum of 12 months.

That’s seven very powerful benefits. Simultaneously, and outside of brand communication, a new environment where people tap into their trusted sources has risen in digital media – the new home for trusted communication. And it works!


The internet is a vibrant place filled with conversations and unfolding stories.

“Knowing Your Business goal is simple. Lead a conversation that allows us to inform, engage and demonstrate the value that the businesses we interview bring to stakeholders without simply shouting messages from a soapbox.”

“This effort is all about bringing a digitally connected society point of view to life through engagement, with auditory storytelling, conversation and rich digital content that can be created, shared and published in real time.”


The benefits of turning live radio brand broadcasts into podcasts.

The live radio podcasts can be listened to on all devices. Via the Knowing Your Business website.

  • On desktop
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • Tablet.
  • Smart phone.
  • And any mobile phones that can connect to the internet.

Now that’s pretty darn handy – no reading, no watching, just listening when YOUR potential customer wants to listen, how YOUR potential customer wants to listen and where YOUR potential customer wants to listen. On demand on their terms.

The benefits of combining the approaches of traditional journalism / brand broadcasting and brand storytelling is obvious. It’s something somebody called “brand journalism” since day one, and it’s picking up speed as the new-media world continues to evolve, along with consumers’ habits.


A marketing jewel because it works.


Awareness   The Knowing Your Business team engage with consumers (and the business telling the story) on social media platforms Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

  • That’s pretty darn useful in more ways that most businesses realise. As two examples: Others see these conversations in their social feeds and join the conversation – the social networks and search engines rank them higher as social signals.

Cost-effective –  compare it to the cost of advertising, either in print or maybe Facebook sponsored stories.

  • With advertising it’s here today – gone tomorrow.  The cost is high.  For a fraction of the cost of advertising, brand broadcasting carries on working for 12 months.  What’s more, its truly affordable – even for the very small businesses.

Brand broadcasting as a newly trusted resource, social media has uncovered a rich opportunity for brands. The philosophy is simple; radio brand broadcasting is combining the tenets of journalism with brand storytelling, thereby creating a new kind of value to its customers. Not just in the products or services it sells, but in the communication itself. It’s ideal for a social media environment because it shares a similar goal.

  • To become a transparent, open and engaging way to have a conversation about a brand and tell its story to an interested audience.

Note: Brand journalism is obviously not as impartial as journalism, but it’s a way for a brand to engage an audience with relevant and interesting material. The content must be factual, and keep “relevance to the listener” top of mind.

Interested? Then I urge you to contact Knowing Your Business and book yourself on one of the up coming Knowing Your Business shows TODAY.


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