Google Maps bring yet more business benefits for local search

Google maps really are becoming more useful by the day for the user and local business owners.

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Firstly allow me to start off where this blog came from. You know how it is, you are having a chat with a couple of friends and up pops a question from one. How can I gain more from Google than I’m already doing as a business?

After a quick review of what he feels he is already doing I ask him if he’s set up on Google maps yet?

The conversation made me think, this needs a blog post. Here it is.


The top global smartphone app in Q3 2013 was Google maps.

Google Maps icon


It’s no surprise to see that Google Maps was the No. 1 smartphone app (it normally is), with 54% reach and an estimated active audience of 474m, it’s clearly the go-to solution for lost and confused consumers. Apple Maps is nowhere to be seen but Nokia’s Ovi Maps is used by 10% of smartphone users.

Google as well as taking No. 1, also takes No 3 with YouTube (35%) and an estimated active audience of 308m and No. 4 with the Google Plus Mobile App (32%) and an estimated active audience of 277m .

(Stats – Global Web Index)

‘There has also been a recent update for Google Maps should you want to embed the new Google Maps into your website and blog. It’s worth checking out.’


The importance of Google maps


Here’s the kicker of why you should consider adding the following into your digital marketing strategy right away.

  • Today, with reviews and ratings riding shotgun next to location information, local search results across platforms and devices have a way of telling consumers not only which businesses are nearby, but which among them is the “best” option.
  • As we now already know (presently 474 million people – and GROWING) are using Google maps on a daily basis searching for a specific business location on their smart phones – inside that information are the reviews. Reviews that could decide if you gain the business or not.

Therefore ensuring you have a Google map for your business location has even more added value. If you haven’t got one – now’s the time to create one. 

There has been suggestions by others these reviews will have an effect in Google search results. According to a 2013 study by Digital Marketing Works (DMW), the single most important variable in the ranking of search results on Google’s Local Carousel is the quality and quantity of reviews.

I haven’t mentioned Google’s local carousel as it isn’t fully available in the UK yet – when it’s here, I will blog more about the implications. although it clearly looks like those with reviews will rank your site higher.

In the meantime this is what Jade Wang (Community Manager for Google+ Local) wrote reference Carousel local results in Google search


Google search engine strategy


The next stage is to encourage reviews. Now that is a strategy I urge you to sit down and consider on how to make that happen because for people to add a review they need to be signed into Google.  Google + is a simple starting place. Speak with your connections and ask if you deserve one.

So the key takeaway is this; ensure you have your business location on Google local maps – and get busy gaining reviews on Google.

Want to make it easier for people to write a review of your business?

Rather than just linking to your Google+ Page when asking for reviews, send them to a page with the pop-up review box.

All you need to do is simply add  /about?review=1  after your Page URL.


Note: They have to be signed in to write the review, but are automatically redirected to the sign in page if not.

You can add the link in emails, blog posts, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, newsletters etc. Now that is rather useful.

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