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To cut a long story short my collaboration with Steve Shepherd to deliver training at affordable prices came about after many cups of fine coffee and general chit chat about digital marketing.

Steve had already recognised pretty much every business he knew was missing out on gaining the best from their digital presence. With my continued head nodding of agreement, more coffee, that sometimes included cake to help nourish our brain cells it was decided to explore a possibility.


A digital marketing training collaboration with Steve Shepherd of Sorbrook fame was born.


We gave it a fairly simple name –  One Hour Online Marketing Masterclass with the aim of helping businesses just like YOURS achieve digital marketing & social media success in bite sized chucks. It’s that simple.

Helping businesses achieve marketing & social media objectives. It’s that simple.


It has always been a pleasure of mine seeing the unfolding results of my digital marketing training sessions. In the main to see what my willing learners have learnt by watching the learning in practice. And more importantly to see if I need to go back and reinforce the learning. This was no different.

The training has been followed up with feedback inside a private forum. A place to share and discuss any challenges and motivate when needed.

Not everybody has followed our guidance.


One Hour Online Marketing Masterclass


Our first One Hour Online Marketing Masterclass session was based around Facebook. Thought it was a good place to start due to the ever decreasing organic reach that business pages on Facebook can now expect.  



We enjoyed the delightful company of four businesses owners. One was represented by his employed social media guy.


The first thing we did was show them where to find some of the hidden Facebook stats so they can see what we suggested actually worked once they have tried out the tips for themselves.

The main tip was simple. Crafting posts in a certain way and insure the post was filled with context. And keep doing it.

The post below was created after the second session where we talked about using the marketing calender outside the normal boundaries of brand specific dates that included everything we mentioned in the first session. The hit’s went through the roof.



This recent post hasn’t include anything we suggested apart from an image that followers may find interesting about the Golf course. Nothing extra really happened stats wise beyond expectation, and would have been so much greater if they had followed the guidance.



This one was a great success for SC Personal Training. Again the stats went through the roof. Although it could have been even more successful with a little more context. He was delighted with the outcome though.



And lastly this recent one really has it cracked. There is so much going on here that the untrained eye won’t notice.



The digital marketing training sessions continue.


We’ve taken a look at Facebook, the marketing calender, storytelling and now we move on to Google+. However the good thing about these sessions is they all blend in to each other so the learning is transferable.

What we’ve also found is those new to the Masterclasses are being warmly welcomed by the regulars who seem very happy to share any knowledge they have gained in the networking afterwards.  I look forward to seeing the unfolding stories of greater success in the goodness of time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little unfolding story so far. There is more to come as the Masterclasses have grown to an average of 10 participants each session. Each one with some super success story to tell.

You may just hear about them here.

Maybe you’d like to join us? Our next session can be found on my IG Events page www,


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