Content Marketing not Commercials

The real benefit to content marketing is how much less it feels like advertising than commercials.
Sure, most people can clearly identify it as marketing,  but it’s less distracting especially when it’s pop-ups, banner ads, or even sidebar ads that draw users’ eyes away from what they were planning to do online.


We live in a participation age where marketing is no longer a one-way message from brand to consumer.


So for those businesses looking to take their brand to the next level in a new way and provide their audience with more than just a advertising message, here are a few examples of very simple content marketing I’ve highlighted from Ekko, the five star hair and beauty salon based in Banbury Oxfordshire.

Despite the wide-ranging and different content subject matter in to what you’ll see below, common qualities bring them together and make them engaging for their audience.

The following are authentic, entertaining, informative, culturally relevant and they connect on an emotional level.

Most importantly, they all offer value to the audience, either because they are funny, useful, beautiful,
inspiring, or perhaps, just marvelously unexpected.

The examples below are embedded links from the Ekko Facebook page and Twitter feed to show the content for authentic purposes. Should you desire, this enables you to click the links and dig a little deeper into Ekko social presence. 



Hopefully you will be inspired and you might just help spread them yourself.


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