How to show off your Facebook reviews

How to show off your Facebook reviews

Let’s talk about one factor that can give you a serious advantage when it comes to being credible in your field. It is clear, online ratings and reviews now give customers a voice, increase consumer / client confidence, enhance product or service visibility, and can dramatically increase sales.

Whether you’re a consultant, public speaker, trainer, photographer or other business professional, you want to be recognised as credible. Therefore, online ratings and reviews provide incredible value and benefits that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore.


Online ratings and reviews give customers a voice, increase consumer  confidence, enhance product visibility, and can dramatically increase sales.


They have the ability to enhance merchant credibility, improve comparison shopping rankings, and raise conversion rates. They can also increase customer engagement and monitor customer service efforts.

And let us be honest, who doesn’t enjoy that feeling of being appreciated? To read comments that you’ve done a great job on the most popular social media site knowing others can view them. WOW!


Ask for a review


On September 4th we held a marketing and business networking event. In the session we talked about the value of reviews. We also mentioned, you should ask for them. To our delight, it wasn’t long before the reviews started flooding in.  The feel good factor though is fleeting if you don’t use them. You know, show them off somewhere other than Facebook.

Cue review …….


We have had a great networking day at Rye Hill. We love being students and would like to thank Ian Gentles and Catriona Smillie for excellent training.

Posted by Maureen Meredith on Friday, September 4, 2015



Businesses, for example, are also including reviews in e-mail marketing, with big results.  Or as I have demonstrated here, in blogs. Others have special review pages on their website. Maybe I should. The WOW factor here is, the reviews are verified. Just one of the benefits of social media. Or in this specific example, Facebook.

Thanks for that FB.


Reviews can provide free mass exposure.


I call it free advertising. When your customers trust you, they are more likely to repeat business, and/or tell family, friends, and colleagues about you.  Word of mouth is a great way for you to earn more business. In addition, when customers leave reviews for you online – especially on social media – this exposes you and your business to a much wider range of people.


Had a great morning at the social media training workshop hosted by Ian & Catriona

Posted by Malc Finch on Friday, September 4, 2015



Today, the business who are reaping the benefits of online customer reviews are now looking for ways to showcase their online credibility to the mini masses beyond the social network where posted.

In the two examples I have given these reviews were posted in the Facebook newsfeed. Now for those who are familiar with Facebook will know, they’ll soon disappear from immediate sight. Not lost forever, just not so easily available.


How do you capture all that credibility glory?


Here’s one powerful way. Click the date stamp of the post. That will then open into a new window. Grab the URL. Then share the link like this You can place the link in an email, or share it across your social media feeds as two easy to do credibility winning examples.

In the case of placing them in blogs as I have demonstrated, which is more visually appealing for some. Follow these instructions.

Click the date stamp of the post so it opens in a new window. Then in the top right hand corner of the post there is a little downward arrow. Click that open and a drop box will appear as demonstrated in the image below.


Click more options


Now click more options.  The bottom one. That will change into embed post as you can see in the image below.


Embed Facebook post


Click embed post open. Now you can see the code highlighted in blue at the top in the picture below.


Grab code


Grab that code, then embed that into your blog post. It’s that simple.


Get out-of-the-shadows-and-into-the-spotlight.


Your action plan. Want to raise your profile? Build your business credibility? Take action and gain those all important reviews, then share them out.  It’s one sure-fire way to boost your credibility factor.

Remember, with reviews, you advance your business reach, reputation and increase your profit.

  • Strengthen your expert position.
  • Build your business brand, gaining recognition, visibility and respect.
  • Increase your influence, as you spread ideas and information.
  • Enhance your ability to promote your business and your services, in a non-salesy way

What’s that hot, shiny object? Oh, it’s you, superstar! Go do it.

Thanks for popping past.



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