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Marketing, PR and SEO are now inextricably linked

PR and marketing expertise has the potential to add incredible firepower to your SEO – that much is clear. Simply put – being published online is a credibility builder. Fact. A little over 3 years ago Joanne Henson – with a history of failed diets until one day, she’d had enough and took professional adviceContinue Reading

Digital Marketing Training collaboration

To cut a long story short my collaboration with Steve Shepherd to deliver training at affordable prices came about after many cups of fine coffee and general chit chat about digital marketing. Steve had already recognised pretty much every business he knew was missing out on gaining the best from their digital presence. With my continuedContinue Reading

Google Maps bring yet more business benefits for local search

Google maps really are becoming more useful by the day for the user and local business owners. See the new  Google maps by clicking here. Firstly allow me to start off where this blog came from. You know how it is, you are having a chat with a couple of friends and up pops a questionContinue Reading

We’re living in a new world of marketing.

The rise of social media has created a bit of a marketing conundrum for brands. They now know they’re not always in control of the marketing editorial. Or they should do by now!   Thanks @Starbucks for not filling my venti drink completely… Really. I’m a paying customer!!! #annoyed #complaint pic.twitter.com/yvmwP7YzwQ — ☦ David RayahinContinue Reading

How to Use Facebook and Twitter Embedded Posts for Marketing

I have already started to use Facebook and Twitter embedded posts in earlier blogs, what I have not explained yet is how businesses can use them and take advantage for marketing purposes.   The digital marketing industry continues to evolve — fast.   Technologies are creating new ways for businesses to grow and connect withContinue Reading

Facebook is a digital Isle of Man

For starters Facebook is the most gripping and worthwhile of the social networking platforms out there. Think about it, where else can you go to gain the same unlimited intellectual inspiration as watching other peoples washing go through the wash, drain, rinse, and spin cycles – then hung out to dry? Just like an island.Continue Reading

The Easy Win Testimonial Backlink Trick (SEO)

This shockingly easy way to improve your SEO with a simple backlink and testimonial. Posted by Ian Gentles   Have you ever noticed how many businesses you have done business with who never asked you for a testimonial? And did you realise it’s YOUR business that’s missing the trick? As you reel on the backContinue Reading

Leaving Digital Footprints As You Travel the Web

I HIGHLY recommend “leaving this type of digital footprint” Posted by Ian Gentles My suggestion is seek out and respond to an article on a popular media website, comment on a blog post and / or on a social media status.  I suggest “leaving this type of digital footprint” as frequently as you can, andContinue Reading

Remarkable Digital Marketing

If it’s worth talking about. That’s remarkable.   This “Internet word of mouth thing” is just getting going for most marketers;  the remarkable businesses realised this a very long time ago. Remarkable is when people choose to talk about a product, a service. I guess this has been shared more than once, on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon,Continue Reading

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