Leaving Digital Footprints As You Travel the Web

I HIGHLY recommend “leaving this type of digital footprint

Posted by Ian Gentles

My suggestion is seek out and respond to an article on a popular media website, comment on a blog post and / or on a social media status.  I suggest “leaving this type of digital footprint” as frequently as you can, and in as many different places that you feel suitable. Leaving a comment simply means you have let others know you stopped by.  From a more technical perspective this leaves a digital footprint that can be found when searched for, where you want it found.


Digital Footprints by Ian Gentles

There are a range of positive reasons to “leave digital footprints” as you journey the web:

  • You are building your name acknowledgment with the people that you respect enough to read their information on media websites, blogs or follow in social media. Rest assured, they’ll read it.
  • You are expressing your expertise on the subject matter that you are interested in. Obviously this assumes that you leave a well thought out comment on the topic of the article, post, video or photo. I see too many just say “great article” or something similar. That adds nothing to the conversation and lacks added value.
  • You will gain additional connections or followers that are noticing your digital footprints.
  • You are developing and exercising your online “voice”, gaining experience in putting your thoughts and ideas into words.
  • Most comments will be indexed in the search engines.
  • Positive Touchpoints are crucial too. Word-of-mouth, social interactions and the value you share are essential to turn indirect interactions in more direct ones.

I HIGHLY recommend “leaving a digital footprint” as regularly as you can.

If you want to stand out, to gain the attention of those that you follow, and potentially of those that you seek a conversation with, leave your digital footprint often.  Try it-you will be surprised with the results.


 Leaving Digital footprint across the web


One last thing, it is worth considering at the end of your comment adding a little question. The longer the conversation, the better it is.

What do you think? Have you had success by doing this already?  Now if I may I suggest, you start now by leaving your digital footprint on this article in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to Leaving Digital Footprints As You Travel the Web

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  2. David Ryman says:

    Interesting but how much does all this cost???

  3. Ian Gentles says:

    Hi David,

    It costs how much time to put into doing it.

    In essence it’s not real hard cash just time.


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