Ian Gentles’ Marketing Workshops

After many requests to share my knowledge in a workshop format I have decided to put on specific digital Marketing Masterclasses that focuses on social media and it’s integration across all digital platforms.

Helping YOUR business achieve its marketing & digital / social media objectives. It’s that simple.


  • Tue
    10:00The Artery 21 Parsons Street Banbury Oxfordshire



    Developing your social media expertise

    .... and all of the below, is now within your reach.

    • Achieve better brand awareness
    • Deeper engagement
    • Broader reach
    • Greater advocacy
    • Win and nurture customers that reduces your marketing costs.

    This workshop guide to social media marketing is highly practical, and hands-on. It gives you the skills, tools and confidence to create and execute your social media strategy that contributes towards, and has a positive effect on, your long-term business objectives.

    It's priced at £12. That includes refreshments

    It's one hour full on with an hour for specific questions and networking. Bring those note pads.

    Maximum of 10 people only. Contact Ian Gentles today by email, text message or phone call 07511 217 984, and we'll call you back.

    The venue is The Artery Banbury Oxfordshire

    The Artery is inside and upstairs of the Old Town Deli & Cafe in Parson's Street Banbury.


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